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Russell Fraker is an Associate in Beveridge & Diamond's Washington, D.C., office. Proficient in Portuguese and Spanish, Mr. Fraker has worked in several Latin American countries. Prior to entering the practice of law, he worked as an environmental consultant to the oil, forestry, and telecommunications industries. Mr. Fraker studied at Reed College (B.A., Philosophy & Political Science, 1989), Yale University (M.A., International Relations, 1993) and Vanderbilt Law School (J.D., 2008). In law school, he was Managing Editor of the Vanderbilt Law Review, Managing Editor and Co-Founder of the Environmental Law & Policy Annual Review, and a recipient of the G. Scott Briggs Transnational Legal Studies Award.

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Brazil - Revised Bill Would Impose Environmental Design and Take-Back Requirements for Electro-Electronic Products Brazil A substitute to Bill No. 3.472/2012 proposed in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies would amend the National Solid Waste Policy (Law No. 12.305/2010, the "Law") to require manufacturers and importers of electro-electronic products and their components to incorporate desig...
October 19, 2017
Guidelines for the Implementation of National Solid Waste Policy Reverse Logistics Systems Approved in Brazil Brazil The Committee for the Implementation of Reverse Logistics Systems (CORI), chaired by the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, has published a resolution (No. 11/2017) establishing guidelines for the implementation of reverse logistics systems under the National Solid Wast...
October 3, 2017
Revised Brazilian Bill Would Ban Mercury in Products, With Limited Exemptions for Some Electronic Components Brazil The Environment and Sustainable Development Committee in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has approved a substitute to Bill No. 4.890/2016 that would implement the country's commitments under the Minamata Convention on mercury. While the original text of Bill No. 4.890...
October 3, 2017

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