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Bill to Require Manufacturers to Use Biodegradable Plastics Proposed in Brazil Brazil A bill (No. 243/2017) proposed in the Brazilian Senate would amend the National Solid Waste Policy (Law No. 12.305/2010) to require manufacturers to use biodegradable plastics in the production of their products. (Art. 1) The proposal would also prohibit the addition of...
August 7, 2017
China's Circular on the Action Plan for Industrial Energy-Saving and Green Standardization China On May 25, 2017, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology finalized an Action Plan for Industrial Energy-saving and Green Standardization (2017-2019) with the same effective date ("Plan").
June 14, 2017
Argentine Bill Would Require EEE Advertising to Include Energy Efficiency Level Argentina A bill (No. 1803/2017) proposed in the Argentine Senate would require advertising of electrical and electronic equipment ("EEE") to include the energy efficiency level (A++++, A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F) of the marketed product. (Art. 1) Under the proposal, adverti...
June 7, 2017

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