Energy Efficiency

Energy Performance standards, standby power and mandatory labeling

Connections between global warming and energy consumption are many and complex. Minimum Energy Performance standards, standby power targets as well as mandatory labeling for some product categories demands a thorough knowledge and regular updating of obligations across several jurisdictions. Let IHS EIATRACK help you monitor the extent of energy efficiency developments in the markets relevant to your business.

In the U.S., energy standards such as ENERGY STAR and EPEAT, both of which were developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), have paved the way for energy efficient initiatives and procurement practices. IHS EIATRACK provides updates on continuing specifications. In Europe, countries have begun to adopt ENERGY STAR standards that complement the EuP regulations. Energy efficiency standards and regulations will continue to proliferate as jurisdictions are under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption.

See samples of Energy Efficiency reports in IHS EIATRACK below.

Energy Efficiency Reports

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usa-new hampshire   Energy Efficiency in USA - New Hampshire
  North America
usa-new jersey   Energy Efficiency in USA - New Jersey
  North America
usa-new york   Energy Efficiency in USA - New York
  North America
usa-north carolina   Energy Efficiency in USA - North Carolina
  North America
usa-ohio   Energy Efficiency in USA - Ohio
  North America
usa-oregon   Energy Efficiency in USA - Oregon
  North America
usa-pennsylvania   Energy Efficiency in USA - Pennsylvania
  North America
usa-rhode island   Energy Efficiency in USA - Rhode Island
  North America
usa-tennessee   Energy Efficiency in USA - Tennessee
  North America
usa-texas   Energy Efficiency in USA - Texas
  North America
usa-vermont   Energy Efficiency in USA - Vermont
  North America
usa-virginia   Energy Efficiency in USA - Virginia
  North America
usa-washington   Energy Efficiency in USA - Washington
  North America
usa-dc   Energy Efficiency in USA - Washington, DC
  North America

Results Pages: <<Prev  1 2 3 4 Showing 75 - 89 of 89 Results Found

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