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Chilean National Eco-design and Labeling Plan 2018-2022 Open for Public Comment Chile The Chilean Ministry of Environment (MMA) has published the Draft National Eco-design and Labeling Plan 2018-2022 (the "Plan"), which lays the foundation for a system that would incorporate the environmental impact of products and organizations throughout their lifecycl...
January 24, 2018
European Commission Publishes Report on Critical Raw Materials and the Circular Economy, Which Discusses Best Practices and Possible Further Actions on Electronics, Batteries, and More European Union Flag The European Commission has published a report on critical raw materials (CRMs) and the circular economy. This report has been produced under the 2015 Action Plan on Circular Economy. It is based on a recently published JRC report (see link below).
January 23, 2018
Chilean Bill Would Require the Use of Bioplastic Containers for Product Packaging Chile A bill (No. 11578-12) proposed in the Chilean Chamber of Deputies would prohibit the use of conventional plastic containers made from non-biodegradable or non-compostable polyethylene or polypropylene for the packaging of products, merchandise or manufactured goods sold...
January 22, 2018

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