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EU Update: Slovenian Subject Reports

Published November 26, 2007

Restricted Substances Overview

The implementation of the WEEE Directive in Slovenia was achieved by enacting Decree 4871 on Rules on WEEE management, as amended a decree published in the Official Journal 56/2005 of 10 June 2005. The rules have been complemented by the Decree of 1 November 2006 on WEEE Treatment.

Slovenia has adopted legislation implementing Directive 76/769/EC, which imposes marketing and use restrictions in respect of certain dangerous chemical substances. The implementation of the RoHS Directive in Slovenia was achieved by enacting new regulations. Specifically, the Ministry of Health issued new “Rules restricting the marketing or use of certain dangerous substances and preparations"

In light of these developments, EIATRACK has updated the Product Take-Back and Restricted Substance Subject Reports for Slovenia.

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