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Energy using Products in Romania

Published June 16, 2008

Design for Environment

Romania has implemented the EU Directive on energy-using products (EuPs) through “Ecodesign Decision on ecodesign requirements for energy-using products” (“Hotărâre privind cerinţele de ecoproiectare pentru produsele consumatoare de energie, precum şi pentru modificarea, completarea şi abrogarea unor acte normative,” Hotărâre de Guvern, no.: 1043; Monitorul Oficial al României, no. 627,12/09/2007, page: 00011-00018; ref.: (MNE(2007)56996), the “Ecodesign Decision”). The Ecodesign Decision was adopted on 28 August 2007, published on 12 September 2007, and entered into force on 12 December 2007.

As the EuP Directive, the Ecodesign Decision establishes a framework for the setting of eco-design requirements for such products. The Ecodesign Decision will be further implemented through implementing measures. Energy-using products are not to be subject to eco-design or energy efficiency requirements until further implementing measures have been issued. The Ecodesign Decision itself does not create legal obligations for manufacturers. Under an implementing measure, manufacturers will be required to perform an assessment of the environmental aspects of their products throughout their life cycle. They will have to use this assessment to evaluate alternative design solutions, with the aim of improving the environmental performance of their products.

The Ecodesign Decision has been adopted pursuant to Article 108 of the Romanian Constitution. Implementing measures will be adopted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and enforced by the Romanian market surveillance bodies. The procedure for the adoption of implementing measures involves consultation of stakeholders, including industry and trade.

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