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Thailand RoHS Standard - English Translation Available

Published June 29, 2009

Restricted Substances Overview

The Thai Industrial Standard Institute (“TISI”) has adopted a new standard regarding chemical restrictions for electrical and electronic product (the “Thai RoHS Standard”), which became effective on 2 February 2009. The standard is non-binding. Under Thai law, there is no requirement to comply with this voluntary standard. Possible compliance benefits for companies are market-based and commercial; they may represent that their products comply with the Thai RoHS standard.

Although the Thai RoHS Standard itself does not provide for a mark or label, companies meeting the Thai RoHS Standard may apply for a voluntary mark.  The Thai RoHS Standard tracks the European Union RoHS Directive in respect of scope, exemptions, and substantive requirements.

EIATRACK has procured an English translation of the Thai RoHS Standard, which is made available to subscribers on the site.

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Government ThaiRama 6 Street
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Phone: (662) 202 3301-4
Fax: (662) 202 3415
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