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Regulation of Chemicals for Industrial Use Proposed in Colombia

Published February 8, 2017

Restricted Substances Overview

The Ministries of Health, Labor, Commerce, and Environment have published a draft decree that would require entities that manufacture, import, sell, distribute or transport, or handle chemicals for industrial use to adopt self-management mechanisms and information systems to help protect human health and the environment. (Arts. 1, 2) The draft decree excludes the handling of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, explosives, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, and substances from radioactive sources-these products would be governed by separate regulations. (Art. 2, Single Paragraph) If the draft decree is adopted as proposed, manufacturers and importers would be subject to registration, risk self-assessment, and risk management program requirements. The draft decree is open for public comment until March 2, 2017. Those interested in submitting comments may send them electronically to Diego Escobar at diescobar@minambiente.gov.co or Rodolfo Alarcon at ralarcon@minambiente.gov.co (see Key Documents for public comment form).

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