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The electronics and information communications and technology (ICT) industries are profoundly affected by environmental regulations around the world. Non-compliance can create market access barriers and leave a company vulnerable to lawsuits, financial penalties, and negative media and nongovernmental organization publicity.

For over a decade, IHS EIATRACK has provided trustworthy information from our technical experts around the world on the requirements and changes affecting electronics and ICT products. Now under IHS management, the IHS EIATRACK online tool allows users to quickly and cost-effectively navigates the maze of key environmental regulations and legislation relevant to products typically referred to as "electrical and electronic equipment".

Preserving and improving the environment is a worldwide mandate profoundly impacting the information communications and technology (ICT) and electronics industries.

But this alone is not why companies should pay attention to the proliferating environmental regulations.

  • The risk involved in non-compliance can leave your company vulnerable to lawsuits and financial penalties
  • Taking these regulations seriously can cost millions and sometimes more in legal fees to stay up to date tracking regulations that affect their products around the world

IHS EIATRACK can fast-track and streamline your company's compliance with environmental regulations.

Benefits of IHS EIATRACK

  • Trustworthy
    Information is compiled and maintained by legal and technical experts around the world
  • Gives you confidence
    Subscribers are made aware of requirements and changes affecting your products in a timely, comprehensive manner

Why subscribers love this service:

  • “I get updates of legislation changes and news about possible future changes without having to really go looking for them.”
  • ”I can monitor current and emerging global regulations, activities, status and maintain up to date compliance information & obligations.”
  • ”IHS EIATRACK has well summarized content which has been approved by legal experts.”
  • ”I can keep track of upcoming legislation and new legislation.”
  • ”It’s easy to find regulations and get updates.”
  • ”We can supply our worldwide operating business units with information and thus initiate the establishment of specific compliance procedures.”


For further details on IHS EIATRACK see the brochure below



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