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“IHS EIA Track is an outstanding resource for timely alerts and updates regarding the latest developments in product content restrictions and other matters that are of increasing importance.”

“IHS EIATRACK is an invaluable tool in keeping with new requirements on a Global Scale.”

“I take a look at IHS EIATRACK three times a week as a minimum. Easy to use, well written with clear interpretation of the legislation.”

“Altogether - great service. Currently the best on the market.”

“IHS EIATRACK is like having a staff of many to conduct research a subject for me. There are far to many loose ends in the regulatory tracking business. It is very useful to have IHS EIATRACK knit them all together for me.”

“IHS EIATRACK enables us to keep updated with our sectors specific and ever changing legislative requirements globally.”

“IHS EIATRACK is my first choice for staying current on regulatory issues. It is focused, insightful, and timely in providing the latest available information. I like that I don't have to spend all day perusing the full text of documents that are posted to some other sites but not summarized. In this way, I have time to attend to my other duties as well.”

“A top-notch resource. Complete yet concise.”

“We use the IHS EIATRACK as our first "line of defense" when tracking EH&S issues for the electronic industry. The regulatory alerts communicate when there is activity in the industry that we should be aware of.”

“Great service to communicate late breaking news on regulatory impacts affecting our IC products.”

“IHS EIATRACK has been very beneficial in gaining access to important regulatory information and I highly enjoy the webinars!”

“IHS EIATRACK makes it possible to stay abreast of the constantly evolving international regulatory landscape in a clear, timely and concise manner.”

“IHS EIATRACK is my first point of call when investigating any regulatory requirement in our key global markets; a unique service that provides immediate detail on all environmental legislation affecting electronic products.”

“From time to time we get alerts from IHS EIATRACK of countries where we expect very permissive legislations and usually we don't pay too much attention to them (e.g. Taiwan). This has helped our company to comply with the local laws.”

“IHS EIATRACK is the most comprehensive online environmental law service you can buy for the electronics industry. I have never regretted the decision to join.”

“The best web-based tracking service currently available in this subject area.”



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