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EIATRACK Japanese pages completely updated

Published August 22, 2006


All EIATRACK reports on Japan have been updated to cover developments in Japanese environmental regulation over the last year. Of particular interest to many EIA Track users will be with regards to amendments to legislation under the Law for the Promotion of the Effective Utilization of Resources setting up the "J-MOSS" labeling scheme in Japan, developed in response to the EU RoHS Directive. Coverage in the Packaging and Labeling outlines the details of this scheme and its components.

The reports also cover the main environmental legal amendment of the last year, which was made to the Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging during the 164th session of the Diet ending in June 2006. Amendments to the Containers and Packaging Law put in place measures to reduce emission of packaging waste, establish a framework for the funding of local authorities by businesses as part of an incentive scheme to raise the quality of separate collection, and other measures to strengthen enforcement and penalties.

A complete list of updates to the Japan reports covering the above and other more minor updates related different areas of environmental regulation in Japan are provided for reference below;


  • Population Statistics updated.
  • Lawyer Statistics updated.
  • Expansion is made on the commentary relating to Japan's Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan, and recent associated legislative amendments.

DFE and Product Stewardship

  • The Introduction has been updated
  • Links in the Documents Section updated, links to new J-MOSS related English materials and the J-MOSS Webinar added.
  • Green Procurement Law section updated, expanded product category list under the Basic Policy updated.
  • Updating of JEMA voluntary initiatives mentioning recent areas of initiatives
  • Section on the JGPSSI rewritten, and changed to discuss the JIG that superceded it. J-MOSS content simplified, and updated detailed sections moved to the Packaging and Labeling Section with reference added.

Take Back and Recycling

  • Information in introduction updated
  • Links, documents updated
  • Discussion of the Law for the Promotion of the Effective Utilization of Resources updated to reflect recent amendments to legislation
  • Clarifications added to the discussion of PC recycling, and information updated.
  • Explanations relating to "Specified Resource Saving Products" and "Specified Resources Reutilized Products" updated to reflect recent amendments expanding the scope to importers as well as manufacturers.
  • Coverage of Guidelines on Waste Processing and Recycling added.
  • Amendment to the Law Concerning the Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons covered.


  • Coverage of battery related sections from the Guidelines on Waste Processing and Recycling added.

Packaging and Labeling

  • Links and Documents Section updated, notably to include coverage of J-MOSS and related legislation from the Law for the Promotion of the Effective Utilization of Resources,
  • Updated to reflect amendment to the Law for the Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging.
  • New section added on Energy Labeling under the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy.
  • Addition of a detailed section discussing the J-MOSS labeling scheme.

Restricted Substances

  • Mention made of addition of three new substances to the list of Type 1 Monitoring Chemical Substances under the Law Concerning the Examination and Regulation of Manufacture of Chemical Substances.
  • Updating of passage relating to chemicals contained within products.
  • Update of JEMA information.

Energy Efficiency

  • Coverage given to reflect major amendments to the Law for the Rational Use of Energy and subordinate legislation
  • Top Runner content overhauled - three new categories added, and coverage of the specifications of the Top Runner scheme expanded for each product category.
  • Discussion of energy labeling updated and expanded.

To view the updated reports, go to the EIATRACK Japan reports page.

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