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July 22, 2013
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January 30, 2010
Hong Kong Considers WEEE Legislation
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May 14, 2009
Hong Kong Issues Implementing Regulation for Plastic Bags Un...

Last Updated: July 22, 2013
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Hong Kong has in place mandatory requirements for containerization or packaging and labeling of certain wastes or "dangerous goods" that could include scrap electrical or electronic equipment. These requirements are stipulated under Hong Kong's Waste Disposal Ordinance and underlying Waste Disposal (Chemical Waste) (General) Regulation and the Dangerous Goods Ordinance and underlying Dangerous Goods (General) Regulations, administered by the Environmental Protection Department. With these provisions in mind, packaging and labeling initiatives in Hong Kong at this point are largely in the form of voluntary schemes or government and nongovernmental group promotional campaigns.

One example is the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department ("EMSD") Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme. Hong Kong launched the Scheme in 1995 with the goal of, among other things, encouraging manufacturers and importers of covered electrical equipment to design and/or promote more energy efficient products and phase-out models that are not energy efficient. Energy efficiency labeling standards have been developed for items such as non-integrated compact fluorescent lamps, electric clothes dryers, televisions, household electric storage water heaters, household refrigeration appliances, photocopiers, printers, computers, multifunction devices, "room coolers" (air conditioners), washing machines, etc.

Although not specifically aimed toward the electronics industry, Hong Kong has established four environmental labels, namely "WasteWi$e", "EnergyWi$e", "IAQWi$e" and "ProductWi$e," to encourage, benchmark and recognize business'/organizations' environmental performance towards waste reduction, energy saving, indoor air quality improvement and product environmental attributes improvement respectively. In particular, a "WasteWi$e" Scheme that awards WasteWi$e logos to successful applicant companies that are able to implement certain waste reduction initiatives and a "ProductWi$e" Scheme is to recognize efforts and honor successes in reducing environmental impact arising across products' life-cycle and promote product with less environmental impacts that are available in Hong Kong market.

It is also worth noting that the Hong Kong government's Waste Reduction Framework Plan ("WRFP") includes recommendations for green procurement policies and related initiatives that may prompt future initiatives targeting packaging reduction or design for environment. EIATRACK subscribers may also be interested to know that a number of nongovernmental organizations ("NGOs") in Hong Kong have campaigns which have in the past targeted particular substances, such as polyvinyl chloride. These campaigns may lead to increased government and citizen scrutiny of the use of such substances in packaging materials.


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