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July 22, 2013
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January 30, 2010
Hong Kong Considers WEEE Legislation
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May 14, 2009
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Last Updated: July 22, 2013
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In 2008, the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) implemented mandatory energy efficiency information disclosure measures in the form of a labeling program. Specifically, in 2008, EMSD respectively implemented phase I of the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme. This phase of the program included products such as room air conditioners, refrigerating appliances, and compact fluorescent lamps.

The second phase of this program commenced in March 2010 with an 18-month grace period (i.e. effective date of September 19, 2011) and covers washing machines and dehumidifiers.

A precursor to the mandatory labeling scheme is Hong Kong's 1995 implementation of the Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme (VEELS) for specific household appliances. The Scheme was launched with the goal of, among other things, encouraging manufacturers and importers of covered electrical equipment to design and/or promote more energy efficient products and phase-out models that are not energy efficient. In 2012, a VEELS for 20 household appliances and office equipment was established. VEELS in-scope electrical equipment includes: television sets, photocopiers, fax machines, multifunction devices, laser printers, LCD monitors, computers, and other products, outlined in further detail later in this section.

Further, in December 2010, Hong Kong enacted the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance (BEEO) with the effective date of September 21, 2012, which mandates compliance with the Building Energy Code on minimum energy performance standards for lighting, electrical, air-conditioning and lift and escalator installation in new buildings and in major retrofitting works in existing buildings; and requires commercial buildings to carry out energy audits for the central building services installation every 10-years.

By way of background, EMSD is the government organization responsible for ensuring and, where appropriate, encouraging environmentally sound operation of electrical, gas and mechanical systems and equipment at home, work and in all public places in Hong Kong.


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