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June 13, 2012
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June 28, 2010
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Measures in Taiwan relating to Design-for-Environment ("DfE") and Product Stewardship that apply to certain end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment and government procurement process are contained in numerous laws and voluntary programs. Key measures of said laws and voluntary programs include the following:

  1. Manufacturers and importers are responsible for the take-back and recycling of certain waste electrical and electronic equipment. The manufacturers and importers can be discharged of their responsibilities for the take-back and recycling of such equipment via payment of "recycling fees." This regime is described in greater detail in the section under Product Take-Back and Recycling of the Taiwan Country Pages.
  2. Certain chemicals, which may be intentionally added to electronic products, are restricted or banned from use. This regime is described in greater detail in the section under Restriction of Substances section of the Taiwan Country Pages.
  3. Eco-labels are widely promoted through the voluntary "Green Mark" program with the aim of encouraging consumers to purchase environmentally friendly products bearing the Green Mark. A number of electrical and electronic products are covered under the Green Mark program. Mandatory labeling provisions are also applicable to certain batteries and containers under the take-back and recycling regime established pursuant to the Waste Disposal Act. These regimes are described in greater detail in the section under Packaging and Labeling of the Taiwan Country Page.
  4. Government agencies are required to make certain purchases of "environmentally friendly" products as part of their procurement process according to the Government Procurement Act, the Regulations for Priority Procurement of Eco-Products and the Resource Recycling Act.
  5. In the Statute for Upgrading Industries, the Taiwanese government provides tax incentives, government subsidies and technical assistance programs to encourage companies in improving the environmentally friendly nature of the technologies and equipment used in their operations. To help enterprises to face fiercer global competition, the statute was abolished on May 12, 2010 and the Presidential Office promulgated the Act for Industrial Innovation on the same day as an alternative. The new Act provides for additional regulations to promote industrial innovation, upgrading and transforming industries and enhancing competitiveness. As for DfE and product stewardship issues, the new Act not only encourages enterprises to improve the design of and management for environmentally friendly products, but also further establishes a specific chapter relevant to the environment for sustainable development of industries.

With these initiatives in mind, measures in Taiwan relating to DfE and product stewardship developed significantly after the enactment of the Statute for Upgrading Industries (subsequently abolished on May 12, 2010), the Act for Industrial Innovation, the Fundamental Science and Technology Act, the Regulations for Priority Procurement of Eco-Products, the Resource Recycling Act and the Guidelines for Subsidies to Purchase Energy Saving Products. Said laws and regulations reportedly serve as the new legal framework for the take-back and recycling measures currently existing under the Waste Disposal Act and will likely greatly expand the existing measures relating to product design and reuse.

As noted earlier, a number of mandatory and voluntary regimes in Taiwan address DfE and product stewardship issues. These regimes are managed by various government agencies and include the regimes discussed below in further detail.


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