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Last Updated: September 7, 2004
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Information taken from the EIA matrix on Product take back August 2004

HR 1165 - Congressman Thompson (CA)
National Computer Recycling Act

The National Computer Recycling Act would establish a grant and fee program through the Environmental Protection Agency to encourage and promote the recycling of used computers and to promote the development of a national infrastructure for the recycling of used computers. Would authorize the imposition of an advanced recovery fee, levied at retail sale that is not to exceed $10 per computer, monitor or other device. Sales of used computers or monitors or sales by nonprofit organizations are exempt from the fee.

Introduced March 6, 2003. Referred to House Subcommittee on Environment and Hazardous Materials on March 17, 2003. Bill currently has 33 cosponsors.

Proposed Product Scope
Computers, monitors or other electronic devices if Administrator determines that they contain significant amounts of hazardous materials and 1 or more liquid crystal displays, CRTs, or circuit boards.

HR 4553 IH - Congressman Cunningham (R-CA) Co Sponsors: Cantor (R-VA), Owens (R-NY)
The Tax incentives to encourage recycling act of 2004 or the Tier act of 2004

Would amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives to encourage manufacturers of computer and television equipment to operate an environmentally sound recycling program for use by consumers who want to discard the equipment. Tax credit of up to $4 per eligible unit.

Introduced on June 14, 2004, referred to House Committee on Ways and Means. Bill currently has 2 cosponsors.

Proposed Product Scope
Computers, monitors, printers, mouse and keyboard. CPUs and TVs


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