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February 3, 2016
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July 11, 2014
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July 17, 2013
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Last Updated: September 24, 2014
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Estonia has transposed the EU Battery Directive 2006/66 of 6 September 2006 through a number of legislative measures:

  1. An amendment to Estonia's Waste Act (January 2008);
  2. Government of the Republic Regulation No. 64 of 21 December 2007 (on Methods and Procedure of labeling of batteries and accumulators);
  3. Government of the Republic Regulation No. 5 of 10 January 2008 (on requirements for treatment of waste batteries and accumulators);
  4. Government of the Republic Regulation No. 124 of 7 August 2008 (on requirements for collection and returning batteries, collection rates and targets for recycling and recovery, deadlines for achievement of rates and targets);
  5. Regulation of Government No. 135 of 23 July 2009 on the Register of Product of Concern and registration of producers (replace the Regulation of Government No. 28 of 30 January 2006);
  6. Regulation of Minister of Environment No 12, 16.02.2011 (registration and reporting forms for Register of Products of Concern); and
  7. Regulation of Minister of Environment No. 30, 09.05.2011 (restricted hazardous substances and exemptions) (replaces the Regulation of Government No. 154, 06.07.2006).


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