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Russia   Batteries in Russia
Russia   Energy Efficiency in Russia
Russia   Packaging and Labeling in Russia

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Russia   Restricted Substances Overview in Russia

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Russia Reg Alerts

December 16, 2011
Russia Postpones Indefinitely Its Energy Efficiency Product ...
June 23, 2010
New Russian Reports Available
March 15, 2007
Russia Not Currently Adopting WEEE/RoHS, But Expected In Nex...

Russia Questions

will Russia adopt same rules as UE for WEEE and RoHS ?...
Answered Dec 20, 2005

Russia Summary

The Russian Federation (17,075,200 sq km; estimated population 143,782,338) is situated partly within Europe and the area east of the Ural Mountains is included in Northern Asia. Once the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Russia has been an independent country since the dissolution of the union in December 1991. The Russian Federation consists of a great number of different federal subjects, making a total of 89 constituent components. There are 49 regions, 21 republics, 10 autonomous districts (okrugs), 6 territories (krais), 2 federal cities (Moscow and St Petersburg) and 1 autonomous region. Recently, 7 extensive federal districts (four in Europe, three in Asia) have been added as a new layer between the above subdivisions and the national level.



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