Restricted substances and product take-back of Batteries

Many electronic products contain components that require special attention either through their design or in their management at End-of-Life. Nickel cadmium batteries found in laptop computers, cellular phones and other electronic devices, are an example of where companies need to be aware of specific legislation as well as remain active on the practical management of such components. IHS EIATRACK devotes a complete subject area on the topic and informs companies about requirements for components containing hazardous and toxic substances

Battery regulations are rolling out globally, from energy consumption to restriction on contained substances. Bans on manufacture and import of certain batteries are prevalent in South American countries as well as in Europe.

The many requirements around the world are created to encourage recycling and the use of less hazardous substances. The EU Battery Directive 2006/66 of 6 September 2006 is aimed at harmonizing Member States' national laws, and at minimizing the negative impact of batteries and accumulators and their waste on the environment.

This will replace the current battery legislation based on Directive 91/157, which is considered to have failed in adequately controlling the risks posed by waste batteries. Member States are required to transpose the new EU Battery Directive into national law by September 2008. As a result, IHS EIATRACK has released numerous subject reports on the Member State battery regulations.

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