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Matrix of Pending Legislation to Restrict the Use of BFRs and Other Chemicals in the USA

Published September 22, 2005

Restricted Substances Overview

A number of state legislatures in the U.S. considered and/or passed legislation in the 2005 session that would ban or restrict the use of certain chemicals in electronic products. Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon passed new bans on products containing brominated flame retardants (“BRFs”). The new legislation in these three states prohibits products containing more than 0.1% penta or octa brominated diphenyl ether (“BDE”) and requires state agencies to prepare reports on the use of deca BDE. Other states, such as Massachusetts considered (but did not pass) legislation that would ban or restrict a wider range of chemicals, including heavy metals such as lead, hexavalent chromium, and cadmium. The California legislature passed legislation that would establish a new biomonitoring program aimed at detecting a broad range of chemicals known to adversely impact human health, including BFRs. Governor Schwarzenegger has until October 9, 2005, to sign or veto this bill.

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