Last Updated: January 28, 2016
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In 2007, Oregon enacted comprehensive electronics recycling legislation. Effective June 5, 2007, Oregon's electronic waste recycling law established a statewide system for the collection, transportation and recycling of electronic devices. The law requires each manufacturer of covered electronic devices ("CEDs") either to provide collection and recycling services for its share of discarded CEDs through an approved manufacturer plan or to participate and pay the recycling fees associated with the state contractor recycling program. The Oregon e-recycling law requires manufacturers to bear all responsibility for program costs (divided amongst manufacturers according to their equivalent share of electronic waste). Even if manufacturers opt to pass some of program costs to consumers, the law explicitly forbids charging a consumer at the time they deliver an unwanted electronic product for recycling (excepting premium or curbside services).

The Oregon recycling law also imposes specific requirements on retailers, collectors and transporters of CEDs.


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