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November 1, 2015
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November 7, 2014
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November 4, 2014
Austria Releases Draft Packaging Definitions


Austria Summary

Austria (83,858 sq km; 8,131,111 inhabitants) is a federal republic with 3 levels of territorial authority: the federation, the 9 provinces (or Lšnder: Burgenland, Kaernten, Niederoesterreich, Oberoesterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol, Vorarlberg, Wien) and the municipalities. Environmental issues are dealt with at both federal and provincial level.

In 1995, also the year of Austria's accession to the European Union, the federal government issued the National Environmental Plan (NUP), dealing with environmental policy reform. Austria's environmental policy focusses on issues such as climate change, transport, energy, industry emissions and biotechnology.

Subject Reports on Austria:

BatteriesDesign for EnvironmentEnergy Efficiency Packaging and LabelingProduct Take-backTransboundary Waste Shipments

Restricted Substance Reports on Austria:

Aliphatic hydrocarbonsArsenic compoundsAsbestos compoundsAzo dyesBenzene and TolueneCadmium compoundsChromium compoundsDioxins and FuransDisperse dyesF-gasesFlame retardants compoundsFormaldehydeLead compoundsMercury compoundsNickel compounds Organostannic compoundsOzone depleting CFCsOzone depleting halonsOzone depleting HBFCsOzone depleting HCFCsOzone depleting methyl bromideOzone depleting solventsPCBs, PCTs and PCNsPCP, its salts and ethersPesticide compoundsPhthalatesRestricted Substances OverviewUgilec 121, 141 and DBBTVinyl monomer



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